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Joining Rexel means choosing a world leader and a company that listens to its customers and employees.

It is about integrating a Group that hires several thousand talented individuals every year and offers them all a challenging and fulfilling professional life.

For all employees, Rexel accelerates progress, all the while respecting its people, their culture and diversity. This section presents all the richness, variety and interest you can encounter during a career with our Rexel.

Rexel’s Core Values


Rexel’s mission is to support its customers – in residential, non-residential as well as industrial markets – to be at their best in running their business, by providing a broad range of sustainable and innovative products, services and solutions in the field of technical supply, automation and energy management related to construction, renovation, maintenance and production.

Deliver the Best Customer Experience


We draw inspiration from our customers by understanding their requirements and are always looking for creative paths to help them to create more value.



Join Forces for Success



We team up with our stakeholders for mutually rewarding partnerships




Encourage Innovation



We develop new business models and inventive ways to increase value creation

Engage People to Develop Their Talents


We develop the talent of our teams providing our stakeholders with the most experienced, knowledgeable and skilled Rexel partners




Trust Each Other



We hold each other accountable for promises and responsibilities.




Enjoy Making a Difference



We act as champions and ambassadors to make Rexel the partner of choice.



Integration, a crucial stage for getting off to the perfect start


Teamwork and integration concept with connection of gear

Successful integration is crucial to help all new employees feel valued members of the company. To ensure that all new hires can quickly take up their responsibilities as part of the team, Rexel organizes group events and individual programs at both the Group and country levels.

The Integration process:
  • The first contact: welcome, introduction to Rexel and the business of an electrical equipment distributor.
  • Starting the job: understanding the organization and people’s responsibilities, getting to know the teams.
  • Integration follow-up: by the manager in coordination with the Human Resources manager.



At Rexel, all employees are given the resources they need to carry out their missions and grow in their careers

The Group uses a range of solutions to train its teams:


  • A varied range of training programs in all countries to help employees acquire new skills.
  • Selective learning opportunities.
  • Training organized by suppliers of electrical supplies.


Largely dedicated to the skills of sales and product knowledge, training also encompasses logistics, finance, information technology, safety, and language learning.
Training is a fundamental element of our strategy and the different programs to improve skills are inspired by best practices identified across the Group.


Continuous Learning:

Alongside more traditional training methods, Rexel encourages continuous learning in the form coaching and mentoring. These are based on real-life, on-the-job situations and foster continuing professional development.

Multiethnic group of businesspeople meeting outdoors in a modern city

Career Management


Arabic businessmen in Dubai


Mobility at Rexel, whether in terms of assignments, cross-company projects, or living abroad, is one of the pillars of Rexel’s human resources policy. It allows employees to take on new responsibilities and seize rewarding new opportunities.


Dynamic Interactive Tools:

To ensure that all employees flourish within the Group, Rexel has initiated annual reviews on an individual basis – the Performance Review – and annual assessment on an organizational level – the Rexel Management Review. These aim to identify talents, consider individual career goals, and build personal development plans.

Compensation & Benefits



Rewarding performance:
To motivate its teams, Rexel places a high value on variable compensation.

Based on the attainment of pre-set professional goals, it is combined with fixed compensation which acknowledges individual competencies, expertise in the employee’s duties, and the level of responsibility.

This is a significant element of the remuneration strategy since over two-thirds of all Group employees receive variable compensation.

Graduates & Undergraduates


As a world leader, Rexel is looking for entry-level candidates to prepare for its future.


We are convinced that rising to the challenge requires targeted placement for recent graduates who want to commit to our business as a distributor of electrical equipment.


Whether you are an undergraduate or a recent graduate, we offer you unique opportunities for entering the job market to find out about our business and to experience working together in a culturally diverse environment.

Local Internships:
In offering you an internship, we are taking up the challenge of:

  • Letting you discover our Group and a fascinating business sector.
  • Evaluating your capacity to blossom within our Group by giving you your first operational responsibilities.
  • Testing your ability to contribute to our success.


International Internships Program:
Always on the lookout for international candidates at all levels, we offer graduates from the best schools the opportunity to have their first professional experience abroad as part of an our six-month internships programs. Interns will learn about our company from an international perspective, testing their abilities in a new environment, and bringing a fresh viewpoint to a different cultural environment.


Distribution Sales Leadership Program (DSLP):
The Distribution Sales Leadership Program (DSLP) is a highly selective, 24 months leadership development program for recent university graduates.

The objective is to develop employees to become future leaders in our business through rotational job assignments, training and coaching.



Interested to join Rexel, drop us your resume and we will contact you when there is a suitable job opening: HR@rexel.me

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